The ecological solution for degreasing, decontamination and extraction

Qarboon designs, manufactures and assembles in France machines for cleaning, extracting or decontaminating machined parts, textiles, plant substances or contaminated materials using supercritical CO2.

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Explore the potential of Qarboon technology

Qarboon is developing a technology based on the use of supercritical CO2, a cross-disciplinary technology that can be used in a wide range of industries as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional processes that pollute or consume water, or to develop new practices.

Decontamination of medical devices: fast and effective

Save time processing your medical devices and gain peace of mind.


Thermosensitive and non-thermosensitive polymers, metals, biopolymers and biosourced materials, textiles, silicone.


4-fold reduction in operating costs
10-fold reduction in processing time.


Reduces cleaning time by up to 10x.


50% less electricity
100% water savings
No trace of solvents
No chemicals

Recycling and decontamination of polluted materials

Supercritical CO2 is an essential technological building block for achieving decontamination objectives with a view to reusing used materials.


Extraction of pollutants, whether at the heart of the material (pesticides, organic solvents) or on the surface (various lubricants, food residues, etc.).

Easier waste management

After treatment, the "pure" contaminants are recovered for destruction in specialised facilities. The decontaminated material is dry, at room temperature and ready for a second life.


Allows the recycling of non-recyclable materials without water or chemicals, compatible with all materials. 4 to 5 log reduction in biological load (pre-sterilisation) for machines with industrial volumes.

Densification, finishing, laundry

Reduce your electricity bill, your water consumption and eliminate all hydrocarbon pollution thanks to supercritical CO2


Desensitisation, dyeing and coating, decontamination, cleaning and maintenance of PPE


Compatible with all needs (spools of thread, rolls of fabric, pieces of clothing, etc.) compatible with all synthetic and natural materials and all metals.


50% less electricity
100% water savings
No trace of solvents
No chemicals

Degreasing and decarticulation of machined and turned parts

Supercritical CO2 is the best alternative to traditional solvents for degreasing all types of parts, whatever their geometry.


Leaves no residue on the surface of parts and improves surface tension, with no risk of corrosion.


Parts can be handled instantly after low-temperature, dry treatment, with no drying required.


50% less electricity
Without water or chemicals, ultra-repeatable.


The extracted particles and oils are collected dry and can be recycled, contributing to more environmentally-friendly production.

Degreasing and decrosslinking of electronic components

Upgrade your cleaning processes


PCBs, electronic components, sensors, optics...
Customisable to target specific contaminants.
Customisable to target specific contaminants.

Unequal efficiency

Deep cleaning :
Penetrates the hardest-to-reach areas for thorough cleaning.

Cost-effective and ecological

50% less electricity
No water
No trace of solvents
No chemicals
No toxic waste

Extraction or decontamination of plant matter

Improve the quality and quantity of your extractions

Purity and Quality

Extract selectivity and low-temperature operation guarantee high-purity extracts, while preserving heat-sensitive compounds.


Reduced extraction times
50% less electricity consumption

Safety and Compliance

Complies with environmental, quality and agri-food standards and is compatible with the organic label.

Why choose Qarboon technology?

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60% less electricity consumption

Thanks to our expertise and over 12 years of innovation in this sector

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0 litres of water consumed and polluted

Improve your ecological footprint and eliminate pollution

Logo icon low temperature

Low temperature treatment

Compatible with metals and polymers, including heat-sensitive ones

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Ultra stable
Ultra repeatable

Reduce your risks and benefit from maximum quality

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Improve your ecological footprint and eliminate pollution

icon maintenance

95% fewer maintenance operations

Reduce your risks and optimise your treatment times

Our magic formula: using CO2

Supercritical CO2 is a special state of carbon dioxide, achieved by heating it to a minimum temperature of 31°C and subjecting it to a pressure of at least 73 bar.

In this state, it behaves like an apolar solvent, offering an environmentally friendly and effective alternative to traditional solvents such as chlorinated, fluorinated and petroleum compounds, as well as laundry detergents.

Used in fields as diverse as machining and bar turning of parts, the medical sector, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, recycling and textiles, supercritical CO2 is revolutionising many industries thanks to its unique properties.

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A solution for every need

Equipment for high-speed

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Download machine datasheet
Recycling, textiles, mechanics, agri-food

Machines capable of 24/7 operation, with robot loading and unloading with a robot for very high output.
The autoclave unit is compact so that it can be installed in the heart of the production workshop, taking up as little space as possible.
To find out more about this range of machines, click here.

Equipment for more specialised industries

Image Machine + texte descriptif
Download machine datasheet
Micro-turning, electronics, optics

De la taille d'une armoire de bureau, ces machines compactes sont idéales pour les petites productions et pour les espaces contraints.
Ces équipements peuvent cependant fonctionner 24/7 tant qu'ils sont approvisionnés en pièces.
Pour en savoir plus sur cette gamme de machine, rendez-vous here.

Get 70% financing on your new machine!

Replace your old water-based process with a more economical and environmentally-friendly solution.

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One need,
One solution

Our expertise lies in designing, assembling and maintaining supercritical CO2 cleaning and extraction equipment that is unique in the world for its design and performance.

Do you have a specific requirement and are looking for a customised solution?
Come and challenge our design office!

Quality and safety at the heart of our approach

1. Rigorous compliance with the PED and Machine Directive
Our equipment scrupulously complies with the EU's Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and Machine Directive, guaranteeing its quality, safety and legal compliance. In addition, our equipment is CE certified for Europe.

2. Automation at the service of data
The level of automation of our equipment is unprecedented in the world of supercritical fluids. Integrated audit-trail functions ensure the integrity and traceability of every operation.

3. Complex technology in a button
Our 'button-press' equipment is designed to be used by anyone in complete safety, with additional safeguards to ensure peace of mind.

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Look no further. You've found the world's best supercritical CO2 equipment.

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