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Find out all about Dense Fluid Degreasing and the incredible people behind it...

Manufacturer of industrial supercritical CO2 equipment since 2012


Dense Fluid Degreasing was created by Dominique Rossignol with the technological support of the CEA, with the aim of bringing to life the many research projects on supercritical CO2 conducted at the CEA.
With a handful of engineers and PhDs, Dense Fluid Degreasing embarked on the initial design work for an industrial machine whose application would be to degrease and departiculate mechanical parts resulting from machining or bar turning.


This is where it all started, Dense Fluid Degreasing was created in the Bourget du Lac, France.

Photo du lac de Bourget du Lac
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Alpha set-up

Alpha is the first industrial machine designed and built by Dense Fluid Degreasing teams with the support of CETIM (Centre Technique des Industries de la Métallurgie) and Air Liquide, and the first fully-automated, horizontally-loaded ultrasonic machine in France.

Start-up of first cleanroom machine with 3 autoclaves

Having already produced several monobloc units for installation in production workshops, a new technological challenge arose: to design a unit comprising 3 autoclaves, each 60 m apart, and installed in 3 cleanrooms.
This is a new world first for Dense Fluid Degreasing.

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First fully automated loading and unloading equipment for Bic Écriture commissioned

Significantly, and demonstrating Dense Fluid Degreasing's ability to go even further in developing supercritical CO2 technology for industrial applications, our machines can now be loaded and unloaded by a robot, enabling 24/7 operation.

Dense Fluid Degreasing joins ACI Groupe and DFD becomes Qarboon

ACI GROUPE is a French ETI offering high value-added industrial solutions and combining complementary technological expertise.

There are many synergies between Qarboon and ACI Groupe, which is both a customer of degreasers for its mechanical parts production sites and a supplier of most of the metal components for Qarboon machines.

With more than 1,000 employees and more than thirty industrial sites, ACI Groupe will enable Qarboon to continue its development in France and beyond.

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Maintenance of your CO2 equipment supercritical

All our machines come with a maintenance contract for servicing:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Retro-fit
  • Spare parts
  • Training maintenance personnel
  • Calibration of sensors
  • Custom software development

We also maintain other supercriticalCO2 equipment.

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Equipementier spécialiste du CO2 supercritique

Look no further. You've found the world's best supercritical CO2 equipment.

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