The services offered by Dense Fluid Degreasing

Because supercritical CO2 technology has remained exclusive to insiders for too long, we are committed to contributing to its expansion in the industrial world through comprehensive support.

Look no further, all our experts are at your disposal.

Validation of the technology based on your needs.

Our R&D team supports you in validating the relevance of the technology for your specific problem.

  • Presentation of supercritical CO2 technology and its applications applied to your project.
  • Literature research and knowledge sharing.
  • Drafting test plans and participation in defining specifications.
  • R&D testing and scale-up testing.
  • LCA - Life Cycle Assessment to compare supercritical CO2 and the existing process.
  • CAPEX and OPEX economic study.

With over 7,000 tests conducted since 2012 on a wide range of materials, part shapes, chemical compositions, etc., our R&D team is at your disposal to best guide your project.

Snow CO2 equipement

Ideal for cleaning and degreasing the surface of parts before surface treatment, for deburring after plastic injection, or for cleaning sensitive surfaces in optics.

Image produit ACP
Laboratory pilot

Equipped with a 0.5L autoclave capable of reaching 350 bars and 500°C, this semi-automatic equipment offers numerous possibilities to demonstrate the effectiveness of supercritical CO2 on a small scale.

Image machine séparateur laboratoire
Industrial pilot

This fully automatic industrial machine is equipped with an 83L autoclave with ultrasounds and rotation, allowing for industrial-scale testing. It can also operate with liquid CO2.

Image machine Alpha Qarboon

User training and risk prevention

The presence of industrial equipment involving the use of carbon dioxide can sometimes cause concerns among operators or those working near the equipment.

To alleviate often unfounded fears, we offer user training and explanations on the prevention of risks associated with the use of CO2.

  • User training for mastering supercritical CO2 equipment.
  • Presentation of risks and training on best practices.
Image Tableau explication CO2 SC

Maintenance of your supercritical CO2 equipment.

All our machines come with a maintenance contract for maintenance actions:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Retrofit
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance personnel training
  • Sensor calibration
  • Custom software development

We also provide maintenance for other supercritical CO2, liquid CO2, or CO2 ice equipment.

Image Machine + texte descriptif
Equipementier spécialiste du CO2 supercritique

Look no further. You've found the world's best supercritical CO2 equipment.

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